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Option 1 :

Free Product Giveaway – Every Week :

We have partnered with Forever Muslim to provide you with  Free Products every once in a while. Here is a step by step guide.

  1. Subscribe to Forever Muslim Newsletter – Click Here
  2. You will receive an email when there is a Free Giveaway.
  3. Visit the Forever Muslim Giveaway Page when it is launched.
  4. Answer a Simple Question & Enter your Email Address.
  5. Confirm your email by clicking the Confirmation URL sent to your email.
  6. Get your Lucky URL, Share it with Friend to Increase your chances of Winning.
  7. You could also get assured coupons for sharing and referring friends.

Option 2 :

Don’t want to depend on your luck for a Free Product? Here is a Sure-Shot way :

Steps to Earn Free Products :

  1. Go to your “My Account” page.
  2. Copy the referral link which looks something like one below 
  3. Share this link with your friends.
  4. If your friends purchase anything from #Shop4Sadaqah after clicking your link, you will receive a coupon of INR 50/- in your email also accessible on your “My Account” Page.
  5. You can use the coupon as and when received or accumulate enough coupons and use them all at once to buy a product for Free In sha Allah.
  6. You can also send a direct link to a friend to a specific product by adding your own referral code like this “?raf=refxxxx” at the end of a product link like – https://shop4sadaqah.com/product/i-am-muslim-t-shirt/?raf=refxxxxx
  7. For any queries – Email us at [email protected]