Congratulations! By becoming a part S4S Family you are contributing to Multi-Fold community development and supporting the efforts of ImaanCentral Network while still at the comfort of your home. A journey that will lead you to earn Sadqa-e-Jariyah without any hassle in sha Allah. Read on to Know More.

What is #Shop4Sadaqah?

“#Shop4Sadaqah” is an Initiative of ImaanCentral Network. Its serves the dual motive of catering to a vast market of Islamic Products as well as to generate funds for its own Islamic and Charitable projects. Thereby helping Muslims earn immense and continued rewards.

How does it Work?

We take a service charge of 7% on the selling price from retailers for using our platform. After deducting the operational costs like running the website, paying salaries and paying taxes, the Net Profit goes to ImaanCentral Network. 

This Net Profit is then utilized for Islamic Projects like Shab-e-Qadr Awarenss Campaign, hosting Conferences, running our Blogging Platform and more…

As we grow further and generate more funds, we are also in talks with organisations like Al-Birr Foundation and Zahra Foundation for supporting Education of under-privileged children 

What is in it for you?

You get a varied range of Premium and High Quality Products to choose from, especially Customized Islamic Gifts, Accessories and Merchandise. 

  1. Buy products for your own needs or to gift someone and enjoy continued rewards (Ajr) for being a source of goodness and reminder.
  2. Spread a word about #Shop4Sadaqah by adding our website Link in your Social Media Profiles in the about section. You can also earn free products by adding a referral link found here
  3. Join our Weekly Free Product Giveaways and Invite your friends to increase your chances of winning.

Our Mission:

  • To cater to the vast market of Islamic Products and fulfilling the needs of Muslims living in India.
  • To promote one of the Blessed Sunnahs of Giving Gifts, Gifts that inspire Muslims to come closer to the Deen of Allah.
  • To empower Muslim Youth by generating Jobs and Self-Employment Opportunities.
  • To generate funds for Islamic and Charitable Projects like ImaanCentral.com, Al-Birr Education Trust and Zahra Foundation.

Our Vision:

The core vision that drives us in ImaanCentral is to bring muslims to a common platform and to strengthen the community at large. And the same vision drives #Shop4Sadaqah, We strive to make Muslim Lives Easier, More Inspiring and More Rewarding.